How To Unstick a Kitchen Faucet Handle

How To Unstick a Kitchen Faucet Handle

How to Unstick a Kitchen Faucet Handle


If you’ve recently discovered that your kitchen faucet’s handle is stuck, you might be wondering how to unstick it. In this article, you will discover how to clean your faucet handle so that it functions properly again. The first step is to clean the valve area of your faucet. If the valve is corroded, you may have to contact a plumber to fix it. If rust is the cause, you can try cleaning it with a small, stiff-bristle brush. Use gentle pressure to turn the handle and remove the brush once the faucet handle has started to turn.

Need a flat-head screwdriver

Often, faucets have caps that cover the faucet’s body. These caps are attached to the faucet handle by screws, which can be unscrewed with a flat-head screwdriver. The cap is usually located on the top or side of the handle, and sometimes, it’s located on the side. Remove the cap to reveal the hidden set screw underneath. Then, you can proceed to replace the faucet handle.

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Remove the screw

If you don’t have an Allen wrench, you can purchase one from a hardware store. Then, you’ll need to remove the screw from the faucet’s stem. After removing the screw, turn the handle counterclockwise until you can see the cartridge. The cartridge controls the flow of cold and hot water. You can find the replacement parts at any home improvement store or hardware store. After you have removed the screw, you can install the new parts.

After removing the screw, you can try using a faucet puller to lift the handle off the stem. Then, you’ll need a drill and screw extractor to remove the stripped head. Be sure not to use excessive force, or else you might damage the handle. The faucet will become stuck again. If you are unsure about the exact reason, you can use a lubricant.

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After cleaning the cartridge, you can check your faucet by removing the top cap assembly. Make sure you use the spanner wrench to tighten the nut against the stainless-steel ball. Now, you should have a functioning single-handle kitchen faucet once again. If you don’t feel confident doing the job yourself, you can call a plumber to help you repair it. If the lubricant doesn’t work, you can always use a plumber to perform the job.

Remove the old screw

To replace the cartridge, you can either use the same technique or replace the old one. Just remember to remove the old screw to prevent stripping the handle. To replace the cartridge, reverse the steps above. Remember to tighten the set screw before removing it. This will prevent the faucet handle from stripping. This is the best method for cleaning taps. In addition, it will save you a lot of time.


Replace the handles

You can also attempt to fix a drippy ball faucet by replacing the handles. Then, install new ones if you want to avoid future leaks. It’s not easy to fix a leaky ball faucet. If you have a ball faucet, you may have to replace the entire faucet. But if you want to keep it in working condition, consider replacing the ball instead of the handle.

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