What Are Orthodox Icons?

What Are Orthodox Icons?

Orthodox Icons are sacred paintings, frescoes and mosaics of Jesus Christ, the Holy Mother, Angels, and the Saints. These Icons were originated during the Byzantine Empire following Constantine the Wonderful converted to Christianity. Get more facts about buy orthodox icons


Orthodox Icons


Byzantine icons are sacred paintings with prominent colors and gold backgrounds. This was done to keep the paintings in fantastic situation for long periods of time. The big characters in these paintings appeared to be floating. Everything in the icons is symbolic; there’s a meaning behind every thing. The icons were believed to be a spiritual window into heaven and any individual who prayed to the icon would have a direct connection to them. The icons had been painted by icon painters or iconographers, these painters have been theologians also as artist. They had a life-style of fasting, praying and meditation. The artists weren’t allowed to possess artistic expression, they used their vision and what was a common consensus of what the main character icons have been supposed to look like.


Present Day Homes


In preset day homes you will discover orthodox Christians that have designated areas in their homes where their icons are placed, and illuminated by candle or oil lamps. The candle is made from beeswax, and the oil lamps are filled with olive oil.


Eastern Orthodox Church


The Eastern Orthodox Church has a few of the most attractive icons in their presence. Just about every single window, wall and ceiling has some kind of painting that depicts a sacred individual. Orthodox icons have depictions from the Holy Mother, Jesus Christ along with the Saints that are different from the western world. Within the Nativity Scene the Holy Mother is noticed floating above the child Jesus and Joseph is on the ground, this lets us realize that the Holy Mother is the primary character and that she will be the mother of all people. This church is believed to become the one, holy catholic and apostolic church established by Jesus Christ and his apostles over 2,000 years ago. Today you will find communions of orthodox churches, roughly 14. They may be dispersed all through the world. You will discover churches in Serbia, Greece, Georgia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Japan, Poland, United states, UK and so forth.




Byzantine Orthodox Icons are sacred paintings, frescoes and mosaics of Jesus Christ, the Holy Mother, Angels and Saints. These icons represent symbols of sacred folks and their journey. From the Byzantine Empire via current instances these icons are used to supposedly communicate with all the spirits directly through prayer for the icons.



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