What’s Gangnam Shirt Room?

What's Gangnam Shirt Room?



That is Gangnam Shirt Room!

Shirt Room is a transformation of Gangnam Room Salon, supplying high-quality service and an in-room welcome system that turns individual garments into T-shirts. Originally, it was an underwear room with underwear rather than shirts, but around 2012, most of them were changed to a shirt room. Most of them function as huge clubs, and in contrast to existing commercial spaces, they are frequented by individuals who appreciate formal conversation and drinks. – It varies from KRW 110,000 to KRW 150,000 in 89 minutes, so the business room is definitely the most coveted room in Gangnam by business buyers. Get extra information and facts about 셔츠룸


I’m not going to play with the main amount. Our installation operates at the price tag of a Discovery System.

The manager who functions at the Gangnam Shirt Room could be said to be a person with superior mentality and management. Based on the satisfaction and feedback of buyers who visit the retailer, the shop managers always manage the water high-quality, and the majority of the retailer managers inside the Gangnam region are working. We’ll repay you with good service.


Even if you’ve a great deal of customers or no manager, we will not lie, and we will help you if all circumstances are met. Many individuals misled simply because there was no manager, so I think they waited for a whilst even though they weren’t there. In the event the service is unavailable or the waiting time is anticipated to be extended, please check out us at the next chance.


Gangnam Shirt Room System Service Information and facts

You could choose as a lot of girls as you desire. Decide on your preferred manager. Every woman has a different mindset and level, so it really is recommended to get a recommendation from the Jade Dragon manager.


Your chosen companion will climb on your lap and offer you a warm welcome ranging from uniforms to shirts to shirts.


It is possible to delight in a hot manager, firm skin, as well as a pre-touch drink.


We present the highest amount of service at Rnrbkanginhan without a car. So we leave it as much as you.


It can be a shirt room without having secondary prostitution.

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