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As we all know in battlegrounds your life frequently depends upon that how quickly it is possible to get your hands on guns. So if which is so crucial I decided to measure which way may be the fastest to travel at the beginning from the game. Get far more facts about TECNO POVA 2 x PUBG


The majority of you most likely figured out that going face down in the plane then holding strafe forward when your parachute pops (to prevent speed loss) and immediately after that forward till you may land would be the fastest technique to get down.


Things are finding a bit more complex when we would like to travel further like 2 or 3kms away in the plane. Just after hours and hours of attempting various ways and speeds, I came to the conclusion.


In the being from the first technique, we really need to travel forward by looking up at the horizon and try to get as far as you may before auto-pull of your parachute will kick-in (900m – 1.2km may be the max you can do). The distance which you will travel soon after chute is open is determined by the speed which you happen to be prepared to retain.


There’s a chart with my benefits:


Speed – Distance – Time

20 km/h – 1,40- 1m 25sec

40 km/h – 1,55- 1m 09sec

50 km/h – 1,50- 1m 00sec

60 km/h – 1,30- 0m 58sec

2nd Method is all about flying forward and pulling your parachute out as soon as we can. After that preserving right speed will give us humongous variations in final results.


There’s a chart with my benefits:


Speed – Distance – Time

20 km/h – 2,90km – 3m 33sec

30 km/h – 2,30km – 2m 35sec

40 km/h – 1,90km – 2m 02sec

50 km/h – 1,65km – 1m 37sec

60 km/h – 1,30km – 1m 24sec

3RD Strategy Parachute Suitable Down and Drive with Vehicle


I also measured approx time which requires if we would parachute down to the automobile and try to drive 2kms. This way we are able to compare it is going to long distance parachuting and know which way is more quickly.


That is what I found:


Automobile – Distance – Time

UAZ – 2km – 2m 17sec

Buggy – 2km – 2m 14sec

Dacia – 2km – 2m 02sec

Bike – 2km – 1m 51sec

SuperBike – 2km – 1m 44sec


Ofc bikes would be the quickest and actually will beat anybody on parachute and Dacia will get you there in about the similar time.


Keep in mind tho that all of that measurements were performed with best driving and on a kinda flat surface.


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